Our first Christmas and New Year!

It’s now almost mid January and life is just about slowing down again. Christmas and New Year didn’t…

Beds, duvets and fitted sheets

Well I feel like a proper landlady now. We have now had a fair few guests over the…

We wished it, we dreamed it, we did it!

Today its been a week of B&B ownership. And boy what a week! We have mostly been clearing…

And we’re in!

Yesterday we officially became the proud owners of St Johns Guest House, Weymouth. The completion call came early…

We appear to have bought a guest house!

Well the 6th November 2017 will go down in history as the day we bought a guest house.…

Life is a roller coaster

especially when it comes to buying and selling property!

If you want something done

Give it to a busy woman!

Patience is a virtue

We always knew this would take time. All good things are worth waiting for so they say. But…

Weymouth in the rain

But we still love it!

On the job training

And how to make the perfect scrambled egg!