We wished it, we dreamed it, we did it!

Uncategorized   |   Nov 17, 2017

dreamToday its been a week of B&B ownership. And boy what a week! We have mostly been clearing out cupboards and garages, (I’m sure there is a theme emerging here) and loading up the van for yet another trip to the dump. It is just as well Andy has a waste carriers licence or this would be an expense we don’t need! But it will be worth it and hopefully enable us to use our valuable space wisely.

Last weekend we attempted to bring our lovely, large, fairly new sofa into our lounge. We failed – despite many attempts and discussions. Much theorising and eight great minds on the task – but we still failed, and consequently our lovely large sofa has now travelled back to Southampton, ready to be sold to a new family. We will be off to Ikea on Monday to find something small and easily manoeuvrable.

Surely it will fit!

Early in the week we learnt that central heating systems in old Victorian houses are like fine women – they need to be treated with respect and gentleness and never taken for granted, to get the best out of them. We mastered the technique and now have a lovely warm house, but will always be on edge and have learnt never to neglect her needs!

Bella is loving the seaside – first few days were interesting as she is used to a garden with grass, so has to trot very fast to the little park up the road when she needs a wee! She does however love the beach and barks at the sea! None of us can quite believe we are living at the seaside – it is truly amazing!



And as for guests, we have had a gent staying all week – room only, no breakfast, which has been simple and got us used to the chamber-maiding aspect of the job at least! First proper guests have just arrived so it begins for real tomorrow. I’m sure we will be fine………….

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