And we’re in!

Uncategorized   |   Nov 11, 2017

Yesterday we officially became the proud owners of St Johns Guest House, Weymouth. The completion call came early from the solicitors, way before we were actually packed up and ready to leave Claire’s.  Andy spent the rest of the day walking around like a rabbit in the headlights, contemplating what we had actually done. Chloe and I spent the day running around like excited school girls! We are feeling a weird mixture of excitement and nervousness – hardly surprising though I guess. Big change, big commitment, big sea-side.


First glimpse of the sea

This week we travelled to London to order new sofas for our apartment – an additional area, not yet available on the website, that will give  a self-catering apartment for four – watch this space on progress. We met the owner of the company at the Independent Hotel Show so travelled to East London to meet them and have a tour of their factory. On the way back we did get a little lost, thanks to the sat nav of course, and ended up coming back through London – me driving! Harrods sure looked pretty in the evening!

sofa factory

Anyway short and sweet today. Im sure there will be lots of tales to come. Updates on our lives as landlady and landlord, don’t ya know.

first supper

First supper – champagne and fish supper!



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