The Fisher Journey

This is my blog telling our journey, to follow our dream

The B&B Owners Corona Diary

Diary of UK lockdown Day number 1 – 24 March 2020. Did any of us have a clue…

And just like that its the end of another season!

Well how are you all? We can’t believe that another season is drawing to a close. And what…

We got an award – or two!

So I’m sat here listening to the rain outside, stuck in what has felt like Groundhog Day for…

2020 – The Year of the New Normal

This is the year of the phrase – the new normal. Not a phrase we like to hear…

Surviving lockdown and return of the new normal

Where to start? The last time I wrote I signed off with ‘hope to see you soon!’ We…

Two Year Anniversary

– that’s a lot of eggs!

Weymouth or Eyemouth?

We recently had a lovely Australian couple to stay for one night. We were quite lucky to meet…

Compulsory nurse training for all B&B owners?

I recently read someone suggesting that compulsory national service should make a come back. This got me thinking.…

Young Farmers, Ballet Dancers & Lions

What do they all have in common?

The sun has definitely got his hat on!

Hip, hip,hip, hooray!