Young Farmers, Ballet Dancers & Lions

Uncategorized   |   Mar 26, 2019

They all chose to stay at St Johns of course! Business is gradually ramping up. March has brought us full weekends but quieter weekdays and the joy of a Sunday afternoons off. We know that won’t last so are certainly making the most of it. We went to one of our favourite places – Portland Bill, to watch the sea and have some lunch. No dolphins seen on this occasion, hopefully next time.

Andy was feeling a little wobbly at the time. He decided to bang his head, not once, but twice on the rebound while up at the top of the house. I could hear him groaning from the ground floor, so of course went up and did my nursey bit! Diagnosed with concussion, almost a week later, after a funny turn in the pub, he is currently off the beer. Anyway I digress. We had a lovely bunch of farmers. I have to say we were very nervous, especially when we discovered the night before they arrived that they weren’t the five couples that we expected, but seven lads and two girls. They arrived with their boxes of WKD and wicked senses of humour to match. Once we’d had the chat and set the ground rules all was good for the weekend. They were perfectly well-behaved, just goes to show not to listen to all the rumours, but be prepared. As a contrast Weymouth hosted a large Lions convention last weekend, of the charitable kind rather than the furry kind. What a lovely bunch of people who do so much good for charity. I even baked them a cake!

The diggers have been out on the beach re-levelling the sand. At first glance it does appear that they have dumped top soil, as the sand out of the bay is so dark, but within a few days it lightens to the beautiful Weymouth golden beach. All set for Easter and the summer beyond.  Bella has loved the low tide with the vast expanse of sand for her to run on.

We were recently reassessed by the AA. Not an overnight on this occasion, just a day visit. The AA man was very complementary and loved the touches that we have added over the last year. So much so that we have been awarded the AA silverSilver Award to go with our 4 stars! Needless to say we were pretty chuffed. We know that we can never be 5 stars due to the compact charm of some of our rooms, so silver is all good.

To celebrate this achievement we have launched our occasion afternoon tea. We really want it to be more than just a sandwich and cake. More about celebrating a special occasion, whether that be a birthday, anniversary or baby shower. Tea will be served from 2pm – 5pm with guests having the time to enjoy their tea at their leisure at their own table throughout the duration. Bookings will be essential to give me time to prepare all the deliciousness, so give us a call if you would like to book. Tel: 01305 775523.

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