Compulsory nurse training for all B&B owners?

Uncategorized   |   Apr 16, 2019

I recently read someone suggesting that compulsory national service should make a come back. This got me thinking. I started my nurse training aged 18. I have never known what its like not to know how the body works, where all the vital organs are or what causes medical problems. This knowledge has made me who I am, has shaped me and my personality. Has made me know when to be concerned, and take action. For example when Andy had a severe reaction to a vaccine and needed the paramedics.  Or alternatively when to be calm and reassuring if he’s not feeling too well – I tell him politely to roll over and go to sleep, you’ll feel better in the morning. The caring profession! Anyway what has this got to do with running a guest house you ask? Nurse Lynne Those skills that I learnt or acquired during my training are transferable to many roles in life. Maybe nurse training should be compulsory for all!? To be clear it’s less about how to use a traditional sphygmomanometer and stethoscope to take a blood pressure or how to read a mercury thermometer (I know all old school), but about the softer people skills. When people  choose to stay with us and arrive at our door, it’s a bit like walking into a delivery room to meet a woman in strong labour for the first time. The first five minutes are the most important. For the woman in labour who is scared and relying on the midwife to care for her and her baby, building an immediate rapport is vital. Likewise for the guests who  are often a little apprehensive on arrival that booking to stay with us was the right decision. They require that immediate reassurance, and building a rapport is equally important. You have to like people of all shapes, ages and backgrounds. Anyone that decides to run a guest house, or work in any form of hospitality must generally like people, especially if you are inviting people who you have never met before into your home. Your home that you share with your family (especially if it is newly decorated with new carpets!) Tolerance, understanding and professional friendliness. And that’s on a daily basis, it’s a whole different story if a guest is taken ill – then A&E skills may also come in handy. 

We recently had the director and some staff from the English Youth Ballet staying over for a few weeksballet dancer at the weekends. Talk about right place, right time.  We were enjoying a carvery at the Pavilion theatre when the ballet were presenting to the potential young ballet dancers and their parents. 

We happened to mention that we own a guest house, and she happened to mention she needed accommodation for a few weeks. A match made in heaven. Five weeks later and our principal dancers and fifty youngsters from the Weymouth area prepared to perform Coppelia. What an evening! We were so proud to see Ollie, Samantha and Monica on stage, with Steven playing the villain. I was mesmerised by the girls en pointe, so elegant and graceful. After weeks of feeding them a hearty breakfast before each rehearsal it felt like we had played a part in their success!

Next stop Easter and a full weekend. Have a good one!

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