Two Year Anniversary

– that’s a lot of eggs!

Weymouth or Eyemouth?

We recently had a lovely Australian couple to stay for one night. We were quite lucky to meet…

Compulsory nurse training for all B&B owners?

I recently read someone suggesting that compulsory national service should make a come back. This got me thinking.…

Young Farmers, Ballet Dancers & Lions

What do they all have in common?

The sun has definitely got his hat on!

Hip, hip,hip, hooray!

Only nine years to go……..

(we love it really)

Well we survived it!

It being the summer season!

Maybe they were right……..?

Its been a hard few weeks. Since Easter we have experienced being full most weekends. That’s good say…

I still cant quite believe it!

I still pinch myself regularly, especially when walking along the beach with Bella. I look across to the…

Valentines and a visit from a mystery shopper!

Love is in the air!