Only nine years to go……..

Uncategorized   |   Feb 20, 2019

I think that time within the B&B world runs at a different pace. I can’t believe that it is almost the end of February and my last blog was in October! I think our planned 10 years will fly by and in no time we will be retired with our feet up – but that’s a whole new story (and possibly blog!)

Christmas and New Year came and went, including our two girls swimming across the harbour on Christmas Day! girls swimWe had a full house again for NYE but experience over the busy summer meant that management of the brunch the following morning was much more sedate than the previous year. Nicely cooked to order in sittings – all calm and we weren’t ‘mullered’ (one of Andy’s favourite sayings). HOWEVER – we had very foolishly decided to go on holiday on the 2nd January. Somewhere hot was planned last summer with the date seeming a good idea at the time – you know how it goes…… finish on new years day – breakfast, strip rooms, pack cases, get to airport, cheers photo. But we decided that the building work and decoration we had planned could also start on the 2nd January and so be completed while we are away. Great idea you say, less upheaval, you say, keep it all within our downtime, you say. All good in theory. In reality it went something like this – finish breakfast, strip and clean rooms, load two dishwashers, clean kitchen, move all furniture and contents out of two bedrooms, move all furniture and contents out of the dining room and load onto Andy’s van, take down two Christmas trees and all decorations, finish packing (or in Andy’s case start packing), empty and clean fridge, get a little sleep and leave home at 3am. All whilst encouraging a rather prosecco fuelled, hung over Claire to help. NB – she was a star once she found her personality in the garden! Phew!

We did actually fail on the sleep task and so ended up sleep deprived for over 36 hours. Great resort but the lack of sleep got the better of Andy and five days of The Flu made sure he caught up. Note to self – delay the holiday next year for the sanity and health of all concerned. We arrived back home to dust – lots of it. As should probably have been expected the builders and decorators were behind schedule – flu also got to them at the beginning of the planned work. But in the end it was so worth the wait – we now have a beautiful downstairs cloakroom for all those guests that just can’t quite make it to their room on check in and a larger Laura Ashley-esque dining room, along with two newly decorated bedrooms. Come visit to see and sample it for yourselves! Lots more planned but it will have to wait for now. The busy season and our AA reassessment will be upon us in no time.

On another, maybe more frivolous note a quick message on nails. As you may know and remember from the sound of my nails tapping on the keyboard, I have always loved having long painted finger nails. I think one of my best features. However this all went downhill when I became a perpetually-cleaning-washer-upper. In the early months my nails were short, chipped and broken, even naked for a short while. I was so sad and thought they would never be mine again. My nail shop in Weymouth then introduced me to SNS nail powder. And now I’m back – tapping away yet again – long and strong nails. All is good in the world.


  • Deborah Fagan 21/02/2019 at 9:54 am

    That’s a lovely true story,look forward to coming down today and see the new deco,you have worked so hard,but I know you are enjoying every minute,see you soon x

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