Maybe they were right……..?

Uncategorized   |   Apr 27, 2018

Its been a hard few weeks. Since Easter we have experienced being full most weekends. That’s good say all of our friends and family. Yes, I say – through gritted teeth, of course its good. Good income, good experience, good business sense, good for our reputation. But with just the two, sometimes three of us its been exhausting. On a typical day we are up at 7, urn goes on, fruit and bircher prepared and all taken upstairs, breakfast cooked and served. After breakfast we either refresh or change rooms, clear and wash up (and there’s lots of that!) Which takes us up to 2pm, quick shower then ready to greet the new guests. Clean dining room, empty dishwasher, re-lay dining room. And repeat again the next day, and the next, and the next.

BUT in our defence – we still have lots going on that takes our eye off the day-to-day ball, and makes our days longer and more complicated than they really should be. We had to get the crane back as had a gutter at the back of the house over-flowing and periodically pouring water. Very annoying if you happen to be staying in room 2 in particular. All sorted now and as an added bonus I braved the (wo)man basket to take some photos from the rooftops. It was very high, but great views. We have British Gas on re-dial following installation of a new hot water cylinder and the continued grief that this has caused. Plumbers, electricians, odd job men – the list goes on.

 So we have succumbed and taken on some casual staff. Its not following the dream if we don’t get to spend time at the beach, or quality time with Chloe, or end each day with aches and pains. We love our beautiful house with its five floors, but my ankles aren’t coping well with Fitbit averages of 50 floors each day. We need more time to do the things that we love and enjoy Weymouth in time for the summer. Plus enjoy doing the nice bits of running a guest house. Every time we say goodbye to our guests we both say they were lovely. We’ve been so lucky.

Any way, the pink room had its official opening at the beginning of April – its looking good, just waiting on the Laura Ashley curtains then all done. Remember to call us direct to book this one! Trip to Ikea planned for the beginning of May for some bistro sets for the larger rooms and slim wardrobes for the smaller rooms to make the most of the space, Now thats the fun part!

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