I still cant quite believe it!

Uncategorized   |   Mar 27, 2018


I still pinch myself regularly, especially when walking along the beach with Bella. I look across to the cliffs and they always look picture perfect – are they real? They did look particularly magical with the recent snow. But that’s enough of my romanticism. Weymouth had snow!

chloe snow

Weymouth never has snow, but for two weekends in 2018 we had enough snow to cancel bookings, to need clearing and salting in the car park, to allow Chloe to go sledging and to build a snowman! Maybe that will be our lot during our tenure. She enjoyed it but it definitely wasn’t good for business.

We had a leaking gutter at the front that was pouring down the outside causing potential problems with the brickwork and an awful noise during a heavy downpour.  When you have a house 5-storeys high its difficult to take a look – you’d need a very long ladder and nerves of steel, or a large budget to pay for scaffolding. So we got a drone! A perfect way to check the gutter and take some amazing ariel shots – really shows how close we are to the sea.

The ‘diagnosis’ was a badly fitting down-pipe that urgently needed surgery. So then we were back to the ladder or scaffolding quandary. But not in Weymouth. Here we got a lad in a bosun’s chair suspended from a crane with a walkie-talkie, a bucket and masking tape. Marvellous! While up there he fixed the join and also cleared the gutter of any moss growth. What an amazing apprenticeship – something to tell his mates about. The torrent is no more, much to Andy’s great pleasure.

When I’m gutter.jpgnot running the guest house I’ve gone back to a short-term part-time contract working with the NHS in Wales. So my week goes from cooking breakfast, making cookies and banana cake, cleaning, making beds, updating the comfort in our rooms to facilitating workshops with health visitors and district nurses. Standardising the use of the iPads that they have in the community. Its been fun but I must admit to looking forward to being a full-time guest house owner from May. The bookings are coming in fast so I think the summer will be a busy one!

We are all set to open another room ready for the summer, so today took some before pictures. Hopefully next time I can show you some after pictures. Andy not particularly happy that it is a pink Laura Ashley theme but then  again the soft furnishings are my jurisdiction while he sorts the gutters! I’m sure he’ll love it!

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