Weymouth or Eyemouth?

Uncategorized   |   May 29, 2019

We recently had a lovely Australian couple to stay for one night. We were quite lucky to meet them, as although they were holidaying in the UK for a few weeks, they started their holiday up in the Highlands of Scotland. Next stop on their travels was due to be Eyemouth, a small town in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland.  But a little slip of the finger on  the Booking.Com app and the night was booked for Weymouth – only a mere 450 miles down the road!eyemouth

They were very pragmatic and didn’t want to cancel, so got up very early to travel down to us, After a well-needed cup of tea and cake, they enjoyed the evening on the harbour in Weymouth. Next stop – back up to London.

The season has kicked off with a bang. Easter this year was so much more pleasurable and we even managed to get some time to ourselves now that we have Kay helping. This means that as well as not having to do all the stripping, cleaning and refreshing of rooms ourselves, it also frees us up to concentrate on the more fun aspects of owning a guest house. For me this includes writing the blogs and regular social media updates, and for Andy it is crossing jobs off The List, using his logistical background! I’m sure we all have lists but ours seems to be forever growing. For instance, in the long-term we would love to have a hot tub in our small back yard. But to achieve that goal has so many dependencies (apart from the cost of course!) The ideal spot for a hot tub is where the shed is so our To Do list goes something like this:

  • Sell shed – find alternative storage for Stuff
  • Rent new container for storage – research options and prices
  • Sell garage (that leaks) to allow for container √
  • Install electrics in container
  • Research and buy hot tub

Thankfully with Andy’s background in logistics I’m sure we will have a hot tub by the time our planned 10 years are up! We do have one step ticked off so watch this space.

We had our regulars to stay for a week over Easter. They have been coming to St Johns for about thirty years, all the way from Melton Mowbray, and have seen quite a few owners a long the way. When we met them for the first time last year there was quite a feeling of pressure to ensure we were as good as the experts! We needn’t of worried, they’re so lovely and enjoy their daily BEST (bacon, egg, sausage and tomato) and visit to Bingo! It all happens in Weymouth! While we were walking back from town one evening we saw in the distance a young man looking very suspicious in the middle of the road. Every few feet he knelt down and bent forward as if he was praying. It was very odd and Andy was extremely wary. It was only as we got closer that we heard him muttering about a skate board. He’d lost it further down the road and was looking under the all the cars for it. He was very grateful when I found it for him!

Couple of updates before I go – we now have the option of twin beds in one of our ground floor rooms and a king-size bed in room 11 on the top floor. Remember to book direct for the best price – we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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