Surviving lockdown and return of the new normal

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Where to start? The last time I wrote I signed off with ‘hope to see you soon!’ We were looking forward to our new season and welcoming you into our newly refurbed room 7. Then the world changed for us all. We were lucky enough to have our holiday in February and as we arrived back there was a sense of trepidation as the whole world watched and waited. I think it would be fair to say no-one has been unaffected by this awful virus and sadly many have lost members of their friends and family. For many of us this has probably been one of the most challenging experiences in our lifetime.

We’ve spent the weeks in lockdown sampling the local walks and views. I have enjoyed writing our daily social media updates and some of you may have seen what a cruise ship anorak I have become. We have had the company of at least three, and up to seven, cruise ships in the bay on a daily basis including the two queens – Victoria and Mary II. Such a beautiful sight but yet another symptom of this awful virus, so many ships not cruising means not enough room in their nearby home port of Southampton. They are out there in all their glory but crew only, like ghost ships. They are likely to be with us until the Autumn so some of you may see them when you visit. We have

discovered some amazing walks up into the nearby hills of Lorton Meadows, across to the nature reserves of Radipole and Lodmoor and across the cliff tops to Osmington Mills, where sadly The Smugglers wasn’t open for a cold beer! We are all set to share our newfound walking knowledge.

And now it really is time for us to start working again and earn back some of the money that we have had to give back in cancelled bookings. I did apply to work at the nearby hospital but three months on and I have only just received an offer, but that’s another story, We hope that tomorrow will be the day that Boris opens up hospitality from the 4th of July and we can go back to doing what we do best again. Although I’ve barely cooked a breakfast, apart from the occasional bacon butty or poached eggs on toast, I have been cooking lots of yummy trial dinners and our delivered afternoon teas have been very popular for the locals. Chloe has also been busy starting her venture painting Weymouth pebbles (all ethically sourced of course!) ready for you to buy at your visit or she can post.

So what happens next? Time to open again (fingers crossed), time to earn some money again (fingers crossed) and time to welcome back all of our lovely guests. Things may be a little different at first. While we want you to have a lovely relaxing stay and still enjoy a yummy breakfast, one of our main priorities will be to keep you and us safe. We will be respecting the social distance rules and ensuring all rooms and public areas are kept clean and thereby reducing any risk. We have slightly redesigned some of our ways of working at check in, check out and breakfast times but hopefully none of this should spoil your stay. After all the beach is still as beautiful as ever, the sea air is still so good for you and our welcome will be just as warm!

We would love to hear from you – send us a message or give us a call but most of all take care and stay safe.

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  • Debbie Fagan 23/06/2020 at 6:11 am

    Such a lovely post,I’ve been enjoying your daily posts and lovely photos,hope to visit you again towards the end of the year,In the mean time wishing you all the best for your summer bookings,take care & stay safe love to you all Debbie & Kevin

  • Mrs Tracey duncan 23/06/2020 at 8:47 am

    So lovely we will be coming to stay as it was husband 60th birthday last year and our 20th wedding anniversary back in march but couldn’t celebrate as lock down and husband had been poorly last will be our first time with you.and it’s a way we can get a break and celebrate by our self s.

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