We got an award – or two!

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So I’m sat here listening to the rain outside, stuck in what has felt like Groundhog Day for so long that I’ve forgotten what normal looks like. But its not all doom and gloom. On a positive note, the weather is warming up slightly and spring is on its way. The building work is now at the decorating stage in room two. The beautiful feature wallpaper will soon be on the wall, the carpet will soon be down and I will soon be able to do the last dressing and taking of the photos – the exciting bit! The family suite now has a door from room 9 into the bathroom and we are really excited  to be able to launch it, not just for families, but also the layout allows for two couples travelling together. Watch this space for details!

The rest of the house however doesn’t feel very hospitable or homely. If there has been any space going during this time it has now been filled. Once Boris speaks next week and we have more idea on how long our countdown is, we will have our work cut out. We are really, really hoping that we can open in time for Easter this year, after missing this important time last year, but we fear it maybe slightly later. Just to remind you, our Ts & Cs have been updated slightly at the moment with increased flexibility for you to book and either cancel or move your dates if Covid gets in the way. We will of course have all of our measures in place ready to ensure the safety of our guests and ourselves. These can be found here. And of course always book direct either by phone, email or on our website for the very best price.

You may remember that we entered the Dorset Tourism Awards last year and were Commended in our first year, well this year we came second!

Silver awarded in the Best B&B and Guest House category! The awards ceremony wasn’t quite as exciting as usual at the Tank Museum, but we still enjoyed dressing up and drinking champagne at 11.30 in the morning at the online Zoom ceremony – well – dressed up above the waist anyway! We are pretty pleased and feel that, after the year that was, this recognises all of the hard work and investment we have made in St Johns and Weymouth as a whole.

Photography and sharing our daily lives on social media has continued even more so to be my hobby during these months. We use the daily Bella walk to share photos of Weymouth (including the now very popular cruise ships) – I take the photos and Andy holds the lead. We haven’t managed to venture quite so far afield as the initial lockdown due to the weather, but have still managed some impressive skies and seas to share. This has also resulted in an award – third in the Luxury BnB Magazine Most Effective Marketing & Use of Social Media category! All for doing something that I love. Weymouth does have the most beautiful photogenic skies, no matter what the weather. 

We try to vary the photos, videos and other shares from interesting pages on our social media to keep up the interest. If you don’t already follow us then find us here on Instagram or Facebook.

I’m sure no matter how little or how much work we have all been doing during this lockdown, we are all ready for a break and to meet up once again with family and friends. We didn’t manage to see our grandchildren at Christmas so still have the Christmas tree up in our guest lounge ready to celebrate with them when the time is right. Our granddaughter thinks I’m a little mad, but after this last year anything goes! Take care, stay safe and we hope to see you in 2021!


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