The B&B Owners Corona Diary

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Diary of UK lockdown

Day number 1 – 24 March 2020. Did any of us have a clue what was to come?

First day of official lock down meaning the guest house has closed. Our last guests have just gone home after celebrating Mother’s Day with us. Bookings cancelled until Easter. No income, waiting to find out if we will get any support. Overdraft of 20k agreed with the bank as contingency. We have no idea how long this will last or what impact it will have on us. Spent the afternoon looking through all my midwifery thank you cards and sorting boxes. Out for walk in the afternoon across to the beach. Deserted.

Stats are 8077 cases and 422 deaths

Day 2– 25 March 2020.

Cleaned two rooms that had been out over the weekend. Can’t imagine when we will have guests in again. I have a constant urge to get on with things (and for Andy to too)! Had a BID meeting over the phone (Business Improvement District of which I’m an owner Director, purely voluntary) , a little bit of normality. Beautiful weather so sat in garden. Tidied the decking (before pic!). Determined to make the most of this. Lovely evening at the beach. Bellas groom appointment cancelled so she is going to be very hairy!

Stats are 8264 cases and 435 deaths. (Worldwide 462781 and 20896)

Day 3–26 March 2020.

Lie in and no guilt. Finished sorting the garden and got some washing on the line for the first time this year. Beautifully warm in the garden, even had a snooze. Andy and Chloe went and braved the supermarket- queues to get in to keep everyone 2m apart.

Quite orderly from what he said. The chancellor has now announced help for self-employed, just waiting for our accountant to advise. 8pm and all people out to clap for the NHS. Family football quiz on Facebook live. Walked along the beach at 6.30pm. So eerily quiet. Saw a robin- good omen?

Stats are 11658 cases and 578 deaths (worldwide 528487 and 23968)

If this has whet your appetite then read the rest here

And let me know what you think by leaving a comment. The stats that you see are the daily totals both UK and world wide that I made a note of each day while writing my diary.







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