We appear to have bought a guest house!

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Well the 6th November 2017 will go down in history as the day we bought a guest house. At 2.30pm today we exchanged on a beautiful Victorian terraced house in Weymouth. After three weeks of being homeless we will be back on that ladder! After months of being cautious I can finally talk about it – well in greater detail after Friday, when we will own the many keys to the many doors. Pictures to follow.

st Johns

Our new home

The last few weeks have been cosy in Claire’s flat, dealing with each others habits and peculiarities! On the whole we have all braved it well, but I have no doubts that Claire will be pleased to have her space back to herself as she waves us off on Friday. But secretly I think she will miss us.

Preparation has continued in earnest with us doing the online Food Hygiene course, picking the brains of other B&B owners on such subjects as insurance and the best beds to buy, as well as having a lesson in scone making from our good friend Kay. We are keen to offer luxury cream teas and although will probably at first ask the professionals to supply us, we would like to keep it in-house. Andy’s first attempt wasn’t at all bad and as they say practice makes perfect!

scone making


Next steps all to be done this week in preparation for Friday:

  • Arrange insurance – lots of!
  • Buy Chloe a new bed
  • Arrange broadband
  • Finish Food Hygiene course
  • Collect furniture out of storage
  • Plan logistics of getting 4 vehicles to Weymouth
  • Celebrate!

Thank you to everyone for crossing digits and limbs and all the words of positivity. Thank to you Claire for putting up with us! We have no doubts that the next few months will be a challenge but all we say to that is – bring it on! Cheers!



  • Anonymous 06/11/2017 at 4:38 pm

    I’ll be down next week to try out a cream tea

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