Beds, duvets and fitted sheets

Uncategorized   |   Dec 06, 2017

Well I feel like a proper landlady now. We have now had a fair few guests over the last couple of weeks and so far so good on the breakfasts, and just as importantly the feedback. My poached eggs even got a mention in our first TripAdvisor review and people are saying they will come back. Chloe is loving helping out at weekends, she really didn’t want to start school, and has even had a few tips!

But it’s definitely not been all plain sailing. Within a few days or arriving, on a day when Andy had gone back to Southampton to pick up some more boxes, the toilet in our flat decided to over flow. I ended up paddling in ice-cold water – thankfully clean ice-cold water, on the phone to the previous owner for some guidance. Disaster averted – Chloe and I sorted it out and were sat with our feet up and drying off by the time Andy got back. He wondered what all the fuss was about.

Gradually we are making the lower ground floor our home. After sleeping near the top of the house for the first week in the family suite (new King size bed ordered after that experience!) we had the mattresses delivered for our new beds. Chloe has an ottoman bed for lots of storage and we have a bed with drawers underneath – again for storage. Funny though as our rather thick Hypnos mattress has made our bed so high we both struggle to get in it at night. Sitting on the edge of the bed to put his socks on is a thing of the past!

There are times that I feel guilty that I’m not ‘working’, sitting at my desk doing emails or on a conference call. I absolutely love pottering around, ensuring everything looks beautiful, clean and in its rightful place, making fresh cookies for the rooms. I know that next Summer probably wont allow me the luxury of time in this way, but the income will certainly make up for that. We still can’t quite believe we live so close to the sea – just two minutes walk and we are on the beach. Bella is loving it at this time of year as she’s allowed to run free. Her birthday was spent playing with her doggy friends, so many she didn’t know which way to turn next. beach

All the walking and climbing of stairs is surely got to be helping with our weight and fitness. On one particular day I climbed 55 floors (we’ve only got five!) I’ve now taken to wearing the master-key round my neck. Andy says it makes me look very important! He has spent the last few weeks negotiating the best price on our insurance, utilities and laundry contracts. Although after failing miserably on the hospital corners he has now asked them to supply fitted sheets! One skill learnt for life from my nursing days. He has however got on a little better with the duvets than his rather comical earlier attempt. Although who would have known that duvet covers in hospitality have little slits at the end to make it easier to find the corners – great invention!

So the next big event for us is New Years Eve. Already fully booked as it’s a huduvetge event in Weymouth with everyone dressing up! But Christmas first and family time, which apart from the walks on the beach has always been my dream. Christmas dinner in the dining room, followed by the Queen in our upstairs lounge. Lovely.

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