Our first Christmas and New Year!

Uncategorized   |   Jan 09, 2018

Blog 1It’s now almost mid January and life is just about slowing down again. Christmas and New Year didn’t disappoint, we had an amazing time with our family and friends and met some lovely guests. The house was the ideal landscape for decorating with fairy lights around the railings and a huge tree in the upstairs lounge.

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We had a wobble two days before the Christmas weekend when the 2 sofas (our only form of seating for the family) just didn’t turn up. We rang the factory and had no answer. Obviously we thought the worst – the company had gone bust and run off with our money, but the following day just as I was looking out of the lower ground window at what I thought to be the delivery man – a white transit, the real delivery man turned up in his 40 foot artic!

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What a sight for sore eyes – we breathed a sigh of relief, but still had the challenge of getting a very well made, heavy sofa bed up to the first floor. It wasn’t easy especially when Andy’s legs got stuck underneath it and the poor delivery man (thankfully young and fit) had the full weight of it on his shoulders! But persevere they did and soon the sofas were in pride of place in our apartment lounge. We are so proud of this room with its beautiful high ceilings and can’t wait until its ready with the adjoining bedroom to rent out.

Christmas Day came around all too quickly and veryblog 5 nearly caught us on the hop. We have always been so organised in the past with present buying and wrapping in good time but this year just seemed different. Nice different but still different. We have now started to make new traditions involving sand and water, and of course a couple of nice local pubs! The Santa run and harbour swim being particular ones that we will attend again next year, 500 brave souls swimming in the sea! Some members of the family are saying they will brave the water next Christmas Day – we will see! blog 3blog 7blog 6

New Year was so busy – our very first time with all rooms full which tested my cooking and Andy’s serving abilities. We decided to try a buffet style breakfast which taught us a lot ready for the summer ahead. Although a busy exhausting time, it was also great fun. New Years Eve had me dressed as Mini the Minx with my very own Desperate Dan and Minnie Mouse. Weymouth is very big on fancy dress at New Year and St Johns contributed Starsky and Hutch, a US cop, Pixie, Nun and Monk along with its very own Mariachi Band – what will next year bring? Happy New Year to you all!

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