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Uncategorized   |   Sep 14, 2017

Its been a busy few weeks in the Fisher household. Chloe started secondary school. We had our 10th wedding anniversary vow renewal and party. I’ve taken on more responsibility in my world of IT. And 4 weeks ago we met our potential lender. Suited and booted to look the part, we even arrived on time! We went prepared – business plan, financial forecast, management information, occupancy rates, business accounts, comparable B&B data – and all of our new ideas. We were expecting a bit of a grilling and took our mortgage broker with us for protection. But we were pleasantly surprised!

Dressed to impress

The business development manager that we met was lovely. She asked us why we wanted to run a guest house and what we would be bringing to an already well established business. She soaked up our enthusiasm and bounced it right back at us. “We would like to do afternoon teas for hen groups and baby showers – dress up the dining room to suit the theme”, I suggested. Oh yes that sounds brilliant she echoed back, giving us the confidence to share all of our new ideas. I think we passed the interview and waited on tenterhooks for the verdict. And eventually two long weeks later its was agreed in principle, but next hurdle we await is the survey – so not shouting from the rooftops just yet.

In the meantime we are desperate to get going as we have so much to do.  As was always planned we will move out of our house ahead of completing and moving into the guest house.  We originally thought we would be renting for a few months but time is running out, or has got the better of us. Not enough time to take on a 6 month lease, so plan B it is then. We are now looking to move in with our daughter Claire for the short time that we will need. Four people plus 2 dogs in a 2 bed flat will go, wont it? A real test of family love. Presently negotiating the rent, she drives a hard bargain! But alternatives include a caravan, B&B (ironic?) or finding an empty house with the possibility of a short-term let. Please let us know if you can help with any of the above!


A sneaky peak

And hopefully after the green light? That’s when The List really begins – apply for new school, clear the garage, go to the tip (often), meet the accountant, meet the solicitors and pack, pack, pack. Maybe soon we’ll be able to tell you all about our Weymouth treasure! It feels we have been treading water over the last few weeks but soon the race begins. Please be there at  the end to cheer us on!

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