Patience is a virtue

Uncategorized   |   Aug 02, 2017

We always knew this would take time. All good things are worth waiting for so they say. But patience isn’t one of my strong points. Even after years of being a midwife – you can never rush a labouring woman! We are at the stage where we are waiting. Waiting on the meeting with the lender. Waiting on the news of our sale, and their sale. Waiting to tell you all about our lovely new home – to show you the pictures, talk about our plans and tell you it’s finally OURS!

us in the rain

Wet wet wet

In the meantime we are still busy preparing. We have acknowledged how unfit we both are, especially me sitting at a laptop all day, and have become dedicated walkers. At least 5 miles per day, including in all weathers. This picture shows us drenched through to the skin (literally!) after walking 8 miles to make up for the previous day. We are trying so hard to build up our stamina and fitness, and are noticing the difference. We can now walk up a steady incline whilst holding a conversation, or more likely having an argument, without too much effort. Some days the walk has been quite late after a long day in London, but the views have been worth it. Beautiful sunsets and wildlife. We will miss our favourite walk but look forward to the sea being our view with maybe a dolphin or seal if we are really lucky!


We plan our weekends as much around our boot sales as our social activities. If our diary and the weather allows we can even go to one on a Saturday and Sunday. Dare I say we quite enjoy them when the sun is shining. Who wouldn’t love clearing out some unwanted treasures and making money; whilst getting a tan and eating a bacon bap? On weekends when it has been too wet to do a boot sale we shelter under the gazebo in the garden sorting through boxes in the garage. We have bags everywhere. Bags of rubbish, bags for charity, bags for boot sale and bags to keep. Still so much to do when the time is right. Patience.

Next steps – paperwork, business plan, land registry – forms, forms and more forms. When in reality I want to be planning where our photos can go in the new flat. The colour scheme for Chloe’s new bedroom. Or which route to take along Weymouth’s seafront for our evening walk. But patience is a virtue – I hope you’re being patient too?

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