Water, water everywhere but……

Uncategorized   |   Jun 27, 2017

Water – essential for life and growth. A key factor in the hunt for the ideal B&B near the sea. Perfect for fun – swimming, bathing,  fishing or just lounging. But who would have thought that when it came to drinking it had to be the right water? That water had a snob value? That some water could be classed as down market?


As a little extra we have decided we will provide drinking water in the bedrooms for our guests and have started our research. But water is water I hear you say. Not so, first decision – tap water or bottled water? Living in Southampton water straight out of the tap would never be acceptable – warm, hard and a little chemically tasting. But maybe we could buy a water filter and bottle it ourselves? Would it then be tap water or bottled water?

So we think we will go down the bottled water route. Decision made – until we have a little mosey around Bookers on a wet Saturday afternoon. Next decision – plastic bottle or glass bottle? This is where the  debate really begins. Although British Airways may serve plastic bottles in first class on their planes, will it be acceptable in our guest house? Should we choose glass if we want to give the right impression? If glass should it be local water rather than the one on offer in the local cash & carry? Will glass prevent guests from just taking the bottle for use at a later date? So many decisions with different opinions.

And if we choose plastic, which type of bottle should we buy? Normal screw lid or sports lid? French, English or Scottish? Should it be the oh so popular brands, or the lesser known brand on sale at the end of the aisle? Which on inspection has the same ingredients in the small print so it must be ok – mustn’t it? And there lies the start of the debate and our quandary.  In my naivety as a beginner in the hospitality trade the plastic bottle on offer has to be better than no bottle at all. But not so in Andy’s eyes – ideally glass but if plastic then a known make like Evian, Buxtons, Highland Spring (incidentally the BA one of choice). Really – I argue! Remember when you used to think Nurofen was better than Ibuprofen? Surely it’s the same – water is water?

But no we consulted with the experts who generally agreed – preferably glass, and if plastic then buy the better known brands. I know when to concede defeat. And so one decision down, only 999 to go.

With thanks to the B&B Academy for what I’m sure will be the first of many debates!


  • Anonymous 28/06/2017 at 7:58 am

    I feel a ‘Del Boy’ sketch coming on, he sold bottled water………..from the tap. ??????????

    • fishersdream 28/06/2017 at 8:14 am

      Ha ha! Peckham Spring Water!

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