The One

Uncategorized   |   Jul 04, 2017

We have found The One. It’s in Weymouth. It has a car park. Our living space isn’t a dungeon. It’s freehold. And its beautiful. But shhhh – don’t tell anyone, we wouldn’t want to jinx it. In reality I want to jump for joy and shout from the rooftops, “we’ve found our dream home!” but I have a cautious husband who borders on the pessimistic and always warns me (the born optimist) not to say too much, too soon, just in case. So this is as much as I am allowed to share at the moment, but all will be revealed, including pictures, in time.


The last few weeks have been difficult. Our perfect buying family lost their sale giving us quite a predicament. Do we wait patiently for them to sell and be in a position for us to progress? Or do we put our house back on the market, knowing how long it took us to sell in the first place? We chose the former. It felt disloyal to go back on the market and give up on our perfect family, who still so desperately wanted to buy our home. And today we heard they have found a new buyer – our patience paid off and we are good to go!

So back to Weymouth. We made an offer on the dream home and business. It felt a little cheeky, maybe a little low. We really didn’t want to insult them, but equally we need to buy at a good price to make this work. They accepted our initial offer because the timing made it clear they will gain from the summer trade and we are more likely to move in the Autumn just as business comes to a gradual slow down. It’s all systems go. Time to start sorting – solicitor, school, accountant, cupboards, wardrobes, and garage. Boot sales have become our new weekend job – selling all the stuff we really don’t need or can’t take because we can’t fit it in. Decanting a 4 bedroom, 3 storey house into a 2 bedroom flat will be a challenge (oops – giving a bit more away). Our latest subject of debate is storage. Will there be enough? Where will everything go? So now we need to go back to Weymouth and look at detail – open cupboards, measure alcoves and plan, plan, plan.  And in the meantime does anyone want to buy a 6 seater dining set?

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