Second thoughts or just amended plans?

Uncategorized   |   May 25, 2017

3304247-making-a-big-life-change-is-pretty-scaryThe main reason we have chosen to run a guest house is to leave the rat race behind and improve our lives. But who benefits from this new, improved life-style? Me with my long commute to London 2-3 times per week? Or Andy juggling all of his irons in the fire? Or Chloe who happens to love her village, her school, her friends and her life? She does get a little excited when we visit a potential new home, or talk about her chance to earn some pocket-money helping around the house. But on the whole she would rather stay put and move up to secondary school with friends that she knows and loves. Consideration number 1.

And Chloe’s not our only concern – she is just the youngest of them. They do say that we never stop needing our parents, and that is so true. Long before I actually lost my darling Mum I really mourned losing the Mum that could help me, advise me and listen to my problems. We had that special relationship that I also have with my older daughter, Claire. We talk or message every day. We see each other almost every week. AND most of all she is Chloe’s best friend. How will packing up and moving to the West Country maintain these close links? Claire will come and stay but is a 100 mile journey taking at least 2 1/2 hours on a Friday evening realistic if we choose Torbay? Consideration number 2.


And although sons, especially my lovely independent sons supported by their girlfriend and wife, tend to be less reliant on Mum, that doesn’t make it any easier to believe moving away is the right decision. Adding even more miles on to the journey Ollie currently does from Wimbledon to visit us. Not being nearby for a quick pop in and chat with Elliott. Moving away from a granddaughter who is growing up too fast. Consideration number 3.

Friends say – “Are you sure? Have you really thought about it? Is it the right move for you?” Yes we’re sure (I think). Yes we’ve really thought about it (Lots). But doubts being sprinkled into our minds. Doubts about selling our lovely house and living in a dungeon (details in a future Blog!) Doubts about giving up the job I know and secretly enjoy. Doubts about whether this decision really will improve our lives. Are we too old? Too unfit? Will we earn enough? Will our income cover the bills? Will we get time off? Will we ever have a holiday again? Consideration number 4.

These considerations and doubts have all served their purpose – they have made us question our plans each step of the way. They have made us debate the pro’s and con’s as only we do best. They have made us amend our goals but at no time have they made us change our mind. Only time will tell with some of them, we are both hoping all the running around will be beneficial for our fitness and figures! But we will be OK. We are still on track and as determined as ever.


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