Coronavirus – Promoting a Safe Stay

The months between March 2020 and the present time have been the most challenging in many of our lifetimes. Now that the chance to have holidays and breaks away has thankfully returned, it is imperative for us and you that we all ensure some basic rules are followed to reduce any risks associated with Coronavirus. Although we all need to keep a respectful distance that does not mean we cannot be sociable. Weymouth is now open again for business with local restaurants modifying their service during this time. Please note – with the new 10pm closing on pubs and restaurants – we strongly advise booking your favourites before you arrive. Some suggestions are;

Al Molo – Italian – 2min walk

Enzos – Italian – 5 min walk

Chillis – Indian – 10 min walk

Seabeats – fish – 10 min walk

Rockfish – fish – 10-15 min walk

Shalims – Indian – 10-15 min walk

Monas Thai – 15 min walk

Before you arrive

As per the Government guidance we would ask if you have any of the common symptoms (fever, persistent new cough, loss of taste or smell) that you do not travel. We will happily rearrange your stay to another date with no penalty. Your agreement to follow all of our new temporary procedures will be kindly requested. A link to this document will be emailed prior to your stay and unless we hear from you we will assume that you are happy to continue with your booking under these new measures. Should you become ill during your stay with these symptoms, inline with Government advice, you will be asked to leave immediately in order to travel home to self isolate. It is imperative during your stay that a distance of 1-2 m is maintained between us and you in order to lower any risk of transmission. The new guidance of 22 September also asks that masks are worn in the reception area and corridors. 

On day of arrival

Most of our guests arrive by car, please provide us with an estimated time of arrival in order for us to stagger check in times and thereby maintain social distancing. Check in will not be possible prior to 3 pm. Our position in Weymouth (opposite St Johns Church) means that we are fortunate to have both on-site parking and free parking at the front of the house. With careful parking the car park is big enough for all of our guests. Our car park is situated at the rear (in Grange Road). The entrance is then a short walk round to the front. Please note there is no access into the house from the back as this is our private accommodation.

Check in

If you arrive at the same time as another guest please either wait in the car or at a distance from the front of the property to ensure social distancing. If there are no other guests at the front door, please enter the outer lobby and use the hand sanitiser provided before pressing the RING doorbell on the outer front door.  Please use the hand sanitiser each time prior to entering the building. We will then open the front door and welcome you in to the house and stand well back. Your keys will be in your room. We will ask you to walk ahead of us to your room, once in we can stand in the doorway to explain any room features and answer any questions. Electronic payment of any balance will be taken the day prior to check in. Please let us know if you wish to pay cash.

Your room

Again in line with government advice any unnecessary items will be removed from the room, but anything is available on request as usual. Decorative cushions and throws will be removed for your safety but towels and bedding is commercially laundered at high temperatures. The tea tray will be minimised but top ups are available on request. We regret that we cannot clean or refresh your room daily but please leave dirty cups in the basket outside your room for us to change. We are really sorry that we need to follow the stringent government policy but please contact us if there is anything you need – our mobile numbers are available in the room.

We request that you wash your hands when entering and leaving your room and ensure you maintain a distance from guests in the corridors and on the stairs.


The usual full English breakfast will still be available for those of you that need that as part of your holiday. We will stagger breakfast times to ensure social distancing in the dining room and everything will be ordered rather than buffet. We can also offer a simplified breakfast served in your room. Breakfast times will be agreed with you and the request form is available on line – please complete daily by 9 pm for the following day.  Families with children will be accommodated in the dining room.

Evening takeaway meals can be taken in your room or in the dining room. Just let us know if you require any plates or cutlery.


We pride ourselves on high standards of cleanliness here at St Johns so our regime now will be enhanced, using the appropriate PPE and disinfectant, ensuring public areas are also cleaned regularly during the day. Room keys will be sanitised between guests. Unnecessary items especially soft furnishings will be removed from the rooms. Our guest lounge will remain closed.

Check out

On check out day please ensure you leave by 11 am. Please leave your windows open in order to air the room and your keys in the door. We really appreciate your understanding during this transitional period and hope that you will return again in more normal times.

Thank you for your understanding!